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'Off peak' 2 way traffic signals A19 - 5th March February until 9th March (no lights over the weekend)

 '24hr' 2 way traffic signals A19  - 12th March until 16th March (no lights over the weekend)

Safe and clear access will be maintained for pedestrians at all times.


Council Tax bills - FAQs

We get lots of questions about Council Tax. Here are the answers to the ones we get most often.

When I get a new Council Tax bill each year do I need to set up a new Direct Debit?

No. If you've been paying your last Council Tax by Direct Debit then this will continue. Your Direct

Debit will be taken on the same date of the month as before, unless you've cancelled it with your

bank. Please tell us if you'd like to change any details, via info@selby.gov.uk

or 01757 292088.

What if I live on my own?

If you had a single person discount on your last bill, and you’re still living on your own, then this will

continue. The discount should be included on your new bill.

I’m on benefits – what part of my Council Tax do I have to pay?

This is worked out differently depending on whether you're old enough to get your state pension. If

you're of pension age then how much support you can get is worked out on the basis of the whole of

your Council Tax bill. If you're of working age then you must pay at least 10% of your bill. This

means the support you could get is worked out on 90% of the bill.

What about annexes on homes?

You can get half off your Council Tax you pay if you live in an 'annex' to a house – by this we mean a

building that’s connected to a main home - providing you're related to the people paying Council Tax

in the main part of the house. This also applies to people living in homes with annexes that are

empty, but only if you're using the annex as part of your main home. If you think you may qualify

please contact us via info@selby.gov.uk or by calling 01757 292088.

Can I get a discount is there’s major structural repair work at my home?

When you can't live in a home or it's unfurnished because of building work or repairs, you may be

able to get 20% off your Council Tax bill for up to a year. We'll need to take a look at the property to

make a decision on this. If you think you may qualify for this, an application can be found on the

District Council’s website: www.selby.gov.uk


My property’s been empty and unfurnished for less than six months – what discount do I get?

If you've got a home that's empty and unfurnished you may be able to get money off your Council

Tax for up to six months or until someone starts living there. You could get the first month without

having to pay anything, then 20% off your Council Tax bill for the rest of the time.

You can't claim both the money off for the home being empty AND the money off because of major

building work at the same time. It's one or the other.

You need to tell us straight away if someone starts to live in the home.

Bear in mind that any property that has been empty more than two years will be charged a further

50% empty homes premium.

Do I need to report any change of circumstances?

Yes. If you move you need to tell us straight away so we don't charge you the wrong amount (and it

could be that we'd be charging you too much).

If you're getting money off your Council Tax you must tell us straight away if anything changes that

could affect how much discount you get. If you've been given money off that you don't think you

deserve, you must tell us within 21 days. It's the law to do that. Not doing it could mean you'll get a

£70 fine. You can tell us really easily by filling in a change of circumstances form, which can be found

on our website.

How much can Council Tax go up by before there has to be a local vote?

The County Council must hold a referendum if Council Tax is to be increased by 5% or more. Within

this there is a limit of 2% for general spending and 3% linked directly to social care services.

District Councils must hold a referendum if their part of the Council Tax is increased by 2% or more



more than £5 on a Band D property. This means that an increase of more than 2% is allowed

without a referendum vote, providing that the overall increase doesn’t go above £5 for a Band D


Other organisations can raise their part of Council Tax by 1.99% without having to hold a vote on


It’s important to note, however, that by law we must show the increase to the nearest decimal point

– which means that a 1.99% increase shows as 2%, a 2.99% increase shows as 3%.
































Weeks 86 & 87 commencing Monday 5th February 2018 


This is the 44th edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford. 
The electric power cables diversion across the A19 has been completed this past week. We apologise for the additional traffic disruption caused by the use of 24hr temporary traffic signals on the A19.
The culvert protection slab is complete, along with the concrete capping beam that runs across the top.
As seen below the old culvert headwall can still be seen from the beck, protected by our new structure supported on piled foundations.
A large trench has been dug the length of the site ready for gas and water pipes to be laid next week to supply the Persimmon housing development.
A large pit over 3m deep has been opened up adjacent to the A19 for a new pumping station to manage the surface water run off from the road during periods of very heavy rain.
The brick parapet wall has commenced to the south of the beck adjacent to the A19.

During the next 2 weeks we will be  - 

  • Progressing the pumping station and drainage connections adjacent to the A19
  • Completing the footpaths adjacent to the A19 in readiness to divert the public onto the eastern footpath in the coming weeks
  • Contractors will be installing water and gas pipes within the prepared trenches, followed by the reinstatement of the trenches
  • Continuing the brickwork walls to the top of the sheet piled retaining structure across the top of the beck
  • Preparing the junction adjacent to the A19 for surfacing
  • Undertaking a deep drainage connection in the location of our old compound

The closure of the eastern footpath on the A19 remains in place. 


A further period of temporary traffic light control on the A19 will be in operation from Friday 16th February.
This is required in order to tie the new raised junction section into the existing A19, ultimately to progress towards moving the A19 traffic onto the raised section in order to complete the junction.
Safe and clear access will be maintained for pedestrians using the western footpath at all times.




Following a very long process, the decision for the development of 99 dwellings at the above site has finally been made by Selby DC. Considering the large amount of negative responses made to Selby DC by residents and the Parish Council, the REFUSAL of this permission will be good news and the Parish Council thanks all those who made comments for their time and effort to inform the Planning Authority of the views of our community. Please see the attached Decision Notice for the reasons that this application has been refused.



A further period of temporary traffic light control on the A19 will be in operation from Monday 29th January.

Large pits are required to be opened up in both of the footpaths of the A19 to enable  new power cables to be jointed to the old cables. Several cables require diverting but the joints can only be carried out one at a time in order to maintain power supplies to the area.
Safe and clear access will be maintained for pedestrians using the western footpath at all times.



A historical culvert is located under the A19. We need to protect the culvert from any possible damage caused by the realigned carriageway and are therefore installing a concrete slab across the top of the culvert. 
This coming week we will continue the use of the off peak traffic lights to facilitate the culvert protection structure and also to install ducts for electricity cables across the A19


PLANNED ROAD CLOSURE NOTIFICATION - 15188 Recreation Road/Barlby Road Mill

The Closure will be in place for a period of 5 days between 12th January 2018 and 16th January 2018 (vegetation removal on the bridge)

The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link https://roadworks.org?tm=104408107


North Yorkshire County Council





Please note that the office will be closed from Thursday 21st December and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018.


You can have your say about how Selby District Council will spend taxpayers’ money in a new consultation that runs until 19 January 2018. 

You can review the Council’s budget priorities and how we plan to spend money delivering local services. Comments received will help to shape the budget for the next financial year, starting in April 2018.

Over the last six years, the Council has saved nearly £6m from the cost of running services – that’s meant we’ve been able to invest in jobs growth and housing.

The Council faces a tough economic climate - with on-going reductions in central government funding expected, we need to save a further £1m by 2018/19 and a further £1.8m by 2019/20.

We plan to deliver even more efficiencies but we also plan to invest to support more local jobs and more affordable homes – ultimately generating more business rates and council tax income to support vital public services as money from central government reduces over time.

The budget consultation gives you the chance to review how we plan to deliver these savings and fund the costs of your local services.

We propose to increase the average Band D Council Tax charge by £5 next year. This means the average District Council bill will go up from £170.22 to £175.22 – an increase of just 10p a week.

Selby District Council’s Executive member for finance and resources, Cllr Cliff Lunn, explained, “The proposed changes to Council Tax mean taxpayers will continue to receive value for money, paying just £175.22 a year towards all of the Council’s services.

“We continue to focus on driving through efficiencies to make the most of each and every taxpayer’s pounds. We’ve been looking at where we can make savings, generate income and work smarter, to help us plan for the future.

“I think it’s really important that people share their views and help shape the way we spend public money to deliver local services.”

Listening and responding to the views of residents is key to our budget setting process. The full draft budget has been considered by the Council’s Executive.

What would you do if you were in charge? What steps would you like to see us take?

Email your comments to communications@selby.gov.uk or write to us – Budget Consultation, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT.



18th - 20th December and then 2nd - 12th January

A historical culvert is located under the A19. We need to protect the culvert from any possible damage caused by the realigned carriageway and are therefore installing a concrete slab across the top of the culvert. The concrete slab will be supported on 6 concrete piles which will be installed by a piling rig.
The piling rig will look pretty similar to previously used piling rigs but unlike the previously used impact hammer to install the sheet piles, this type of pile is an augered pile. In other words an auger(or giant screw) is screwed into the ground, creating a deep hole which will be filled with concrete. No disturbance will be felt by our adjacent residents.
Once the piles are installed, and the concrete set, we will continue work to construct the concrete slab across the top of the culvert and undertake work to the footpaths north and south of the culvert. For this work adjacent to the carriageway we need to work under traffic lights to provide a safe working zone.



We will be shutting the site down for Christmas on Friday 22nd December. We will return on Tuesday 2nd January. 
The site will be visited daily to check the site is secure and to maintain the temporary lighting on Fulford Road.
Please report anything untoward to this email address Germany.beck@howardcivileng.co.uk which will be monitored over the Christmas break.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



The following household waste

 recycling centre will be OPEN on

 Wednesday 27 December 2017:


Selby, Canal Road, Selby YO8 8AG



Remember sites will be closed on 25 and 26

December 2017 and 1 January 2018 and all other


www.northyorks.gov.uk/hwrc or 01609 780780

We would like to wish all our users a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.












Waste and recycling collections over the Christmas holidays

Collection crews will be out and about over the festive season and residents will have their waste collected as usual unless their collection is due on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

Bin tags detailing the collections are being attached to bins so residents know what waste is collected and when.

Refuse and kerbside box collections due on Monday 25 December will be brought forward to Saturday 23 December.

Collections due on Boxing Day (Tuesday 26 December) will take place on Saturday 30 December and collections due on New Year’s Day (Monday 1 January) will take place on Saturday 6 January.

Residents with Boxing Day and New Year’s Day refuse collections will be provided with an additional red refuse sack for their additional waste as they will be go four or five additional days between collections.

The red sacks are 90 litres in capacity which is almost half the capacity of a standard wheelie bin.

Medical waste collections  due on Monday 25 December will take place on Saturday 23 December and those due on Monday 1 January will take place on Saturday 30 December.

In order to focus attention on collecting wrapping paper, present packaging, glass and tins, foil and all household plastics (apart from thin film), the Council will once again be suspending green waste collections from Monday  18  December,  with collections restarting the week beginning Monday 15 January.

All recycling and refuse should be left at the boundary of your property by 7am on collection day.  Most extra waste at this time of year can be recycled.

Additional recycling, apart from glass, that does not fit into the boxes provided can be left out for collection in separate plastic bags.  All cardboard boxes must be flattened and be no more than 1 metre square. Any extra glass should be left in the plastic box to protect against breakages. When green waste collections start again (week commencing 15 January) real Christmas trees (less than 6ft tall with a trunk of less than 4 inches thick) can also be left out for collection on your scheduled green waste collection day. Please remove decorations.


Weeks 74 & 75 commencing Monday 6th November 2017 


This is the 38th edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford. 
During the past two weeks we have been continuing the brickwork walls to the retaining wall parapets and have commenced the foundation blocks to the boundary walls of the property adjacent to the A19.
Elsewhere we have been preparing for surfacing to recommence next week.
Works have been slow whilst we wait for the completion of the gas diversion on the A19. Once complete work will pick up pace again.

During the next 2 weeks we will be  - 

  • Continuing the brickwork boundary walls adjacent to the A19
  • Preparing carriageway and footpaths for surfacing.
  • Surfacing all available footpaths and carriageway to the spine road
  • Surfacing the footpaths on Fordlands Road
  • Fordlands Road ramps to be adjusted to the permanent gradient and traffic management removed.
  • Northern Gas will be continuing their diversion work in the A19 which may result in the intermitent use of traffic signals on the A19. 
  • Constructing public footpaths within the flood alleviation area
  • Constructing public parking area within Permission's development area.

The closure of the eastern footpath on the A19 remains in place. 


You have four weeks left to take part in the PLAN Selby Pool of Sites consultation.

We are consulting about possible sites for development to meet Selby’s need for homes, jobs and shops in the future, known as ‘allocations’. These will allow the Council to properly plan for development, involve the local community in planning decisions and help other organisations decide where they need to invest in services and infrastructure.

Everyone is welcome to comment on the Pool of Sites consultation which includes all possible sites that could be included in the resulting Site Allocations Local Plan. It shares current thinking about potential sites and asks for views on them – and it is also the last opportunity to suggest new sites.

The consultation closes on 27 November and full details are available here.

A number of organisations and individuals have been invited to respond as well as parish councils, local groups and infrastructure bodies such as those responsible for highways, water and education provisions.

There is still a chance to take part in a consultation event:

  • 7 November  Western Community Engagement Forum Sherburn Library 6.30pm
  • 7 November Tadcaster Town Council The Ark Tadcaster 7.00pm
  • 8 November Exhibition at Sherburn White Rose FC 3-7pm
  • 13 November Tadcaster and Villages Partnership Board The Ark Tadcaster 7.00pm
  • 14 November Exhibition at Drax Social Club 3.7pm
  • 15 November Eastern CEF Regen Centre Ricall 6.30pm
  • 20 November  Exhibition at Eggborough Sports and Social Club 3-7pm

If you can’t attend an event you can still find out more here  or ask to see the pool of sites document at your local library or at Access Selby.

You can also talk to officers on Wednesdays up to 23 November at Access Selby or call the Planning Policy Team on 01757 292034.

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