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Around 50 residents attended the Public Meeting held on 11th May relating to the proposed development off Wheatfield Walk. We were pleased to welcome Ruth Hardingham, the Planning Officer from Selby DC and Robert Illingworth from Yorkshire Water who answered questions from residents.

The main issues raised were:

·         Access and highways issues- increased amount of traffic accessing York Road from the one vehicular access to the site/issues for traffic accessing the A19 junction- both entering and leaving the village. Cumulative effect on the A19 from both this development and developments at Barlby.

·         Flood risk both for the development and which could be caused by the development- cumulative effect of developments both in the village and at Barlby.

·         Drainage capacity for both foul and surface waters and the ability of the existing pumping stations to accommodate further discharges.

·         Schoolsability of the village school to accommodate more pupils and  Barlby High School to accommodate extra pupils from the cumulative  surrounding developments.

·         GP surgery ability of the village surgery to cope with more patients

·         Loss of amenity value – footpaths and walking areas currently used by many residents

·         Effect on local  wildlife- both protected species such as bats and great crested newts and the deer, hares and barn owls which are known to use the area.


The Parish Councils input and comments to the Plan Selby were raised noting that the target for housing in Riccall has already been achieved. The Policy team at Selby DC will comment on this aspect of development.


The Parish Council also noted its stance on open spaces in developments, which is to oppose them in preference to the use of existing facilities provided in the village due to problems with management companies not keeping these open spaces well maintained.

Robert Illingworth of Yorkshire Water had plans of the proposed drainage and noted that the scheme has been designed by YW and can cope with the additional discharges – a 24 hr storage well for rainwater is part of the scheme.

The plans currently include 40% affordable homes however, the application for Outline approval and changes could be made at further stages and with amendments as could the number of dwellings overall.

Ruth Hardingham outlined the process and timescales and noted that any comments received prior to the determination date of 28/6/16 will be taken into account although the formal dates for responses are prior to that. Refusal to the application could be made prior to the 28/6/16 in which casethe developer has the option to take this to appeal. She also noted that the application could be taken to the Planning Committee for a decision, in which case objectors will be notified. The Parish Council will be notified of any progress and the information will be placed on the website.

Due to the high number of applications and comments currently being received by Selby DC, it was advised to direct any comments to

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and comments which will be taken into account in the Parish Councils response to the consultation but noted that it is important that residents lodge their concerns individually with Selby DC in  order for the amount of concern to be registered.

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