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Whilst respecting the principals of free speech, Riccall Parish Council expect comments to be decent and inoffensive to others. Any material which the Parish Council considers offensive or defamatory will be removed immediately. This may include all of the comments being removed from certain news stories.

Self-isolating and looking for something to do? Don’t forget our huge resources in online library NYCC

While libraries are closed, our digital library service offers thousands of e-books, e-audio books, newspapers, magazines, comics, reference works and educational resources that people can access at any time. We anticipate increased demand for e-books and e-audio, so have placed an order to make more copies available.

 All the digital services can be found at To use these, you will need your library card number and PIN number. If you do not know your PIN, call 01609 533878 and one will be issued. If you are not a library member and wish to join, just ring the same number.

 For anyone who borrowed books, DVDs or CDs from a library before the closure, the loan period for all physical items has been extended to three months, so there is no need to worry about accruing fines.

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