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NYCC Planning application - Escrick Quarry

The Committee meeting date for the application below is in July (exact date to be confirmed). 

Residents have the opportunity to put comment in if they wish.

Further details will be publicised in due course.

Consultation on planning application for the purposes of the proposed new quarry to extract approximately 6 million tonnes of clay by 2053 and restoration of the site to agriculture and nature conservation with the importation of up to 2.67 million tonnes of inert materials together with the construction of new internal site access haul road, site compound, car park, site office, wheel washing facility, security fencing and gates and the construction of a temporary bridge crossing over the National Route 65 of the National Cycle Network on land at land adjacent to and to the west and north of the current Escrick Quarry to the south west of Escrick, North Yorkshire, YO19 6ED

(please use the following planning application reference number NY/2019/0136/ENV)

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