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Can You Volunteer Your Time To Scrutinise and Support Policing In Your Area?

We’re looking for volunteers to join our Stop and Search and Use of Force Community Review Groups.

We have eight of these groups across North Yorkshire who review and scrutinise our use of Stop and Search and Use of Force, holding us to account to improve transparency, legitimacy and accountability.

Being part of these vital groups will mean:

  • Learning about your rights and getting involved in how the police carry out Stop and Search and Use Force.
  • Working around these three common goals:
    • Check that police officers use their powers lawfully.
    • Check that the powers are used fairly.
    • Advise on public perception relating to Stop and Search and Use of Force.
  • Looking at national and local issues related to Stop and Search and Use of Force
  • Viewing real police body word videos and providing opinions on them
  • Reviewing data to check for disproportionality
  • Supporting police training and communications

What time commitment would we need from you?

The group meets three to four times a year. You can join either your local district group or additional wider district groups.

Meetings are in person, virtual and blended (mix of in person and virtual) and usually take place early evening.

You will also be supported with a two hour training workshop and shadowing opportunity at a Community Review Group.

If this sounds like something which you’d like to know more about or get involved, email:

We look forward to hearing from you.
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