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Tadcaster Community Patchwork project - instructions & information

Because of the success of the Tadcaster Community Patchwork project, Tadcrafters CIC have been commissioned to create a district-wide patchwork with the help of the community, but we've only got until April 12th to get all the contributions in so we really need your help to get the word out! 

The project is specifically aimed at people who are experiencing the most social isolation and this is why your support would be particularly important, however, everyone in the district is invited to contribute squares to represent how each of us is part of the community; individually joining together, and connecting with each other to make support networks in our neighbourhoods, villages and towns. This is also an opportunity to have your own organisation represented for posterity. 

We would like people of all ages, to join in by making a 15cm/6” square that represents themselves, a loved-one, a feature or an organisation in Selby District. Contributions are best if sewn or painted onto fabric, but drawings and paper collages can be submitted too.  

For the creatively-challenged, easy-peasy kits are available from reception at Community House in Selby, and at The Barn in Tadcaster, or I can send some to you. 

Completed squares need to be handed in to Community House, Selby, Sherburn Old Girls School and also can be posted to The Barn, St. Joseph's Street, Tadcaster, LS24 9HA by the magical date of Monday 12th April

Please see the attached Ethos and Instructions sheets 

You'll find lots of inspiration on our website or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts #PatchOfTheDay

 Thank you

Tadcrafters community Interest Company

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