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Re Riccall Post Office


Please see below a copy of a response to a Riccall resident from Post Office Services regarding the current situation.

Thank you for your email and my investigations confirm that the Riccall branch will be closing on 12th October, 2017.

The Branch has been closed due to circumstances beyond our control, and we can only empathise with the impact this will have for yourself and other members of the local community.

Post Office Ltd are working hard to try and resolve the situation, but unfortunately we are reliant upon identifying a private individual or a corporate organisation who would be able to operate a new business venture on a Franchise basis with ourselves.

We do approach local stores to establish whether or not they would be interested, and invite local entrepreneurs to contact us should they wish to express an interest. If you or anyone within your community knows of anyone who may be interested in such a new a new business venture they may contact us by email via .

Please accept our sincere apologies for the impact the loss of this branch will cause.

This website will be update with any futher information we receive regarding this situation.

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