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Westfield project - plans submitted

Westfield Plans

Plans were submitted to Selby District Council today, applying for Planning Permission to change the use of Westfield in Riccall allowing the development of junior football facilities. A feasibility study on the project is being updated and quotes will be gathered shortly. For further information contact Lindsey Ryan, who is managing the project on behalf of Riccall Parish Council.


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  1. Has any consideration been given to the excessive amount of traffic this will cause, not too mention the problems of car parking?
    Also, I understood that Westfield was originally allotments and NOT classed as agricultural land. Who owns this site? Surely it is the Riccall Land Charity? There is a huge demand for allotments in this country and so why is this land being used for something else? Also, why is there a need for further football piches when the senior pitch at the regen centre is only used once a fortnight? Please could you address thes points. I shall be bringing these objections to the notice of the case officer, claire Richards

  2. Isnt there parking at the regen centre that can be used – I cant see this being an issue as that is rarely busy. Junior pitches are a different size to adult and therefore there is no current facility for junior teams in Riccall – surely this is a good thing for the village (especially coupled with nearby changing facilities at the regen).

    I see your point on allotments but this is probably the most central area still available in Riccall that is not developed. Allotments can be put slightly further afield and there are maybe other options that can be considered for this (perhaps beyond the allotments behind the school?)but childrens play areas, for the childrens safety, should be closer to the village I would imagine.

    Would you prefer this site came forward for housing?

    Great scheme – should be a benefit to the community!

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