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SDC - praise for community response to Covid-19

Community response to COVID-19 praised by Councillor Mark Crane, Leader of Selby District Council

The community response to the Covid-19 emergency has been praised by Cllr Mark Crane, leader of Selby District Council.

He paid tribute to residents for following Government guidelines to stay home to protect the NHS, communities working together to support each other, businesses adapting to the pandemic and key workers continuing to deliver services.

He said, “Every day we hear of people supporting others in their community they’ve never met or delivering food for older people who can no longer get out. At this difficult, and sometimes anxious time, the smallest acts of kindness make the biggest difference.

“We’ve been really inspired to see the way communities have responded and I’d like to thank our residents, businesses and communities for the way they’ve dealt with this situation and for demonstrating how our district comes together in times of crisis.

“Like many organisations, our own services have had to change and our staff have adapted to working differently or in different parts of our organisations so we can continue to deliver much needed help and support.  Just one example of this has been the way our officers have worked evenings and weekends to distribute the Government’s business grants as quickly as possible to support businesses in these difficult times. These officers are our ‘hidden’ key workers but I know their hard work is appreciated by those these grants have helped.

“We are working closely with North Yorkshire County Council, Public Health colleagues, Local Enterprise Partnerships and others to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on our communities and those in need. Our community response has seen the establishment of Community Support Organisations to cover our district. They have funding to coordinate the local community response and manage enquiries alongside us and other voluntary and community organisations. 

“We know this is an incredibly difficult time for all, especially those whose livelihoods are uncertain. We are lobbying Government for rapid implementation of Covid-19 budget decisions on business support and relaxation of a range of costs and requirements.

“We recognise the scale of the challenge we are facing and will do all we can to work through this and ensure a positive future for our district.”

To stay up to date visit the Council’s dedicated coronavirus website pages These pages are updated regularly in line with the latest guidance and information.


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