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Changes to Selby District Council recycling service

Homes in our district will receive two, new wheeled bins: a blue one for glass, cans and plastic and a brown one for paper and cardboard.


There are lots of benefits to the new system:

  • Increasing the amount of waste recycled: wheelie bins give lots more room to recycle more – in our consultation about introducing the new service, 65% said they’d recycle more.
  • Less litter from the old boxes being blown over
  • Easier for residents to use, as wheelie bins are easier to move than carrying boxes
  • Less waste sent to landfill


We’re not changing the type of materials we collect, we’re just changing the containers our residents put their recycling in.


The new service starts in April.  We’re starting to deliver 80,000 new bins from this week.  We have to deliver these to over 40,000 properties, which is why we need to start these deliveries early.


Recycling in the Selby district will still be collected every two weeks but we will alternate between collecting the refuse and recycling bins. This means for example:

  • Week 1 – we collect the grey refuse bin
  • Week 2 – we collect the brown bin - paper and card bin
  • Week 3 – we collect the grey refuse bin
  • Week 4 – we collect the blue bin - glass, cans and plastic bin


Green waste collections will continue to take place every fortnight.


Some collection days may also change. That’s because we’re reviewing the collection rounds to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. The bins will have special information tags on telling you what goes in each bin. We’ll also deliver a brand new collection calendar to every home with full details of the service and collection days.  These will be sent out during February.


Find out more information on Selby DC website


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