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Due on site until 15th September 2017, with the road/bridge completely closed to vehicles and pedestrians from 24th July 2017 until 3rd September 2017.

A 6 way traffic light system (4 way at Cawood junction, with 2 additional trafflic light heads vehicle activated on Old Road and King Street) will be in place at times until 15th September 2017 (installed to give the contractor a safety zone to carry out the works to the bridge). The 6 way system will be monitored throughout the works to avoid any major traffic delays. The 6 way system will replace the current 4 way lights at the junction in Cawood, with traffic lights coming from York on the York side of the bridge.

There are plans to have two ambassadors for HGV. One will be stationed at the junction for Kelfield, and the other at the cross roads near Sherburn. This is because the signs are still to be erected to warn HGVs that there is no access over Cawood Bridge.

The contractor will have two site compounds. One will be within the small seating area on the Cawood side, using the first 5 parking bays nearest to this area on Old Road. The other site will be on the York side at the end of Bridge View. All access for local residents and commercial properties will be maintained at all times.

Throughout the majority of works, activity will be carried out under the bridge. There will be a screen in the Pickled Postie to provide more details and diagrams.


Feedback from Cawood residents has prompted North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to amend proposals for a £1m scheme to strengthen Cawood Bridge and increase the bridge's capacity from 7.5 tonnes to 10 tonnes.

The bridge will need to be closed to road traffic for the installation of the 132 steel plates and erection of scaffolding for use in painting the bridge. This closure will now be carried out during the 2017 school summer holidays, beginning on 25 July and potentially running until 1 September. However, it is anticipated that the work will not require the full closure period as some work is being deferred until next year (2018).

Originally, it was planned to refurbish the motor and electronics that operate the bridge. However, the reduced closure period means there will not be time either to refurbish or replace the motor. Therefore, the County Council intends to return in 2018 to replace the motor and operating system with new, custom-made equipment. This would require a new closure of only a few days in 2018 to remove and replace the equipment.

The parish council has canvassed residents' views on the revised plan and no one has raised an objection.

You can contact the Cawood Bridge Committee via email by clicking here.

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