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Whilst respecting the principals of free speech, Riccall Parish Council expect comments to be decent and inoffensive to others. Any material which the Parish Council considers offensive or defamatory will be removed immediately. This may include all of the comments being removed from certain news stories.

Bilsdale TV Transmitter

We have been asked to circulate the following information:

Bilsdale TV Transmitter
Arqiva, the company who own and operate the TV transmitter at Bilsdale, are offering to help people, particularly those who are older or vulnerable and who still don’t have any TV service. Such people are encouraged to ring the Arqiva helpline for support and advice on 0800 121 4828, and if needed, to book a free home visit from an engineer.

Accessible Christmas Service

Events - History and heritage lectures

Are you interested in the history and heritage of Selby town centre? How can we use our rich heritage as an asset to create a positive future for the high street?

A series of heritage and conservation public lectures will look at these questions as part of the winter talks programme of the Historic England funded project, Selby’s High Street Heritage Action Zone.

The lectures will explore what heritage and conservation is and look at the way it influences development to historic buildings and their context. There’ll be two recorded presentations from Buttress Architects followed by a live Question & Answer sessions with the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) architectural team.

On Monday 29 November at 1pm the talk ‘A Beginners Guide to Conservation and Heritage - What is Heritage?’ takes place.

This will focus on outlining what heritage is, what it means and what impact it has when someone is considering undertaking work to a heritage asset.  

Understanding the significance of heritage assets is fundamental to their care and protection. This talk will introduce the principles of conservation and how these are both the tangible fabric of buildings and monuments preserved through designations, and the intangible elements of our lives both in the past and in our present experiences.

Book your place here:

On Monday 6 December at 6pm the talk ‘A Beginners Guide to Conservation and Heritage – Responding to Heritage in Design’ takes place.

This will focus on heritage considerations, how designers respond to these and the requirements for statutory consultees like Historic England. It will also look at local policy and guidance and where you can find further information.

The talk will explore built heritage and what we can see of our history in the physical fabric, and how we can relate this to past lives and experiences and use it to inform the way that we approach building development.

Book your place here:

Christmas Day meal invitation

Beacon article - photographs of Riccall on Parish Council website

A recent article in The Beacon referred to photographs of Riccall on the Parish Council's website.  We would like to clarify that these will be shown on the new RPC's website which will be live in the near future.  Apologies for any confusion. 


Bonfire night safety



The Closure will be in place for a period of 8 hours between 17th November 2021 and 17th November 2021

The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link 


North Yorkshire County Council



North Yorkshire Police - warning latest scam

In recent days, North Yorkshire Police have received reports of phone calls being made by fraudsters impersonating police officers. The intended victim is called by someone claiming to be a police officer. A name used in two recent calls was DC Thomas Daniels from Paddington Police Station informing the victim that they had arrested a person in London using the victim's bank card. The victim is instructed to go to their bank and withdraw all their money from their account. They are told a police officer will attend their home address to collect the money once it has been withdrawn for safekeeping. The victim is told to lie to the bank if they are challenged as to why they are wanting to withdraw such a large quantity in cash.
This is of course a scam and one we have seen many times in North Yorkshire.
1. The police or bank will NEVER ask you to withdraw or transfer money to a 'safe' account set up by the police or bank.
2. If you are ever told to lie to the bank as to why you are doing a particular transaction, it is a scam.
3. Criminals can 'spoof' telephone numbers so the number that appears on your phone could be the same number that is on your bank card
4. If you are in doubt, terminate the call immediately.
5. Call 101
Message Sent By
Andy Fox (Police,Financial Abuse safeguarding Officer,North Yorkshire)

OUR ZERO SELBY - What we eat and throw away - survey



Our Zero Selby wants to hear all things #WhatWeEat to find out your views on our food in Selby. Our daily food habits can tell us more than we think! Join the community conversation on what we grow to what we throw, what we eat if it’s veg or meat! 

In a typical week, do you/ your household end up throwing out any of your weekly shop? πŸ€”πŸ€” β €
β €
Did you know that a majority of food waste in the UK comes from households! πŸ‘₯πŸ‘€ β €
β €
What is it that tends to lead you to throwing out food? β €
πŸ’ΈπŸ§‘πŸ³ Do you buy or cook too much? β €
⏰⏳ Do you not eat the food you have in time? β €
❓❓Do you not know what else to do with leftovers? β €
πŸ§‘πŸŒΎπŸƒDo you know it will be great for your compost bin? β €
πŸ‘‚πŸ¦»We are all ears! β €
β €
What is good about food in our area? What should stay the same? And what could make it better? πŸ“£β €
β €
Action is waiting to happen for Selby! But we need you to complete this quick survey so YOUR ideas into our future can be included! β €

Please follow the link for an easy way to have your say!

You can find out more by visiting our website or following us on social media. We’re @OurZeroSelby on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!  

Transforming Travel in Selby

Major changes are being proposed for Selby Railway Station and the surrounding area.
@northyorkscc, @selbydc and @thecombinedauthority are working together to deliver exciting improvements which will benefit residents, business and visitors.
You can have your say on what happens next!
• Read about the proposals for Selby
• Join a live event to hear more and ask questions
• Fill in the online survey
This is your chance to have your say on major improvements in Selby, which are designed to help boost economic recovery and create opportunities for sustainable travel.
Please fill in the survey before Friday 12 November 2021.

Cooking on a Budget - free courses

Selby Big Local - half term holiday club

SBL 2021 Half Term Holiday Club poster final (002)

NORTH YORKSHIRE TOGETHER - apply for grants for Christmas holiday activities


We're writing to let you know about an opportunity to apply for a grant to deliver Christmas holiday activities for young people across North Yorkshire.  


 For all information and to apply please visit: 


 FEAST: Funding to support Christmas holiday clubs across North Yorkshire   


 The Department for Education is providing funding to local authorities to coordinate a holiday programme offer combining provision of healthy food and enriching activities to children in receipt of Free School Meals.  


 North Yorkshire County Council has engaged North Yorkshire Together, a partnership between Rural ArtsNorth Yorkshire Sport and North Yorkshire Youth, as lead provider for the programme in North Yorkshire.  


 North Yorkshire Together is seeking applications from private, voluntary, and public sector organisations to deliver a rich and diverse range of Christmas holiday activities across the county.  


 This opportunity will be of interest to existing holiday activity providers, schools, sports coaching, creative and performing arts providers and many others.  


  Aims of the Programme  


The holiday activities should support children to:  

  • eat more healthily over the Christmas school holidays*  
  • be more active during the Christmas school holidays  
  • take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character, and well-being along with their wider educational attainment  
  • be safe and not socially isolated  
  • gain a better understanding of health and nutrition  
  • be more engaged with school and other local services 

*North Yorkshire Together can support you to access healthy food options within the level of your grant if required  

  Applying to be a provider  

Applications are invited from private and voluntary sector activity providers, including schools, to apply for funding to deliver these holiday activity and food schemes.   

 For all information and to apply please visit: 


 Application Deadlines  


 Deadline 1: 1st November at 6pm


Outcome of application: Friday 5th November

 Deadline 2: 29th November at 6pm


Outcome of application: Friday 3rd December

 We hope this opportunity will be of interest to you!  


 If you have any questions, please do review the webpage and if your questions are not answered, reply to this email and we'll be happy to help you. If this opportunity is not of interest to you, let us know and we'll take you off our list so that you don't receive any reminders.    


Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.  

The Team at North Yorkshire Together 


Media release round up - Selby District Council

Please see below for a round up of our latest media releases, with links to further information:
Help to shape North Yorkshire towns’ gateways
People living and working in the Selby, Skipton and Harrogate areas are being invited to help to shape the final look of major schemes to enhance the gateways to the three towns...
District's collection service praised for rise in recycling rates
Selby District Council’s new wheeled bin refuse service has been hailed a success after new figures show a rise in recycling.
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