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Changes to Selby District Council recycling service

Homes in our district will receive two, new wheeled bins: a blue one for glass, cans and plastic and a brown one for paper and cardboard.


There are lots of benefits to the new system:

  • Increasing the amount of waste recycled: wheelie bins give lots more room to recycle more – in our consultation about introducing the new service, 65% said they’d recycle more.
  • Less litter from the old boxes being blown over
  • Easier for residents to use, as wheelie bins are easier to move than carrying boxes
  • Less waste sent to landfill


We’re not changing the type of materials we collect, we’re just changing the containers our residents put their recycling in.


The new service starts in April.  We’re starting to deliver 80,000 new bins from this week.  We have to deliver these to over 40,000 properties, which is why we need to start these deliveries early.


Recycling in the Selby district will still be collected every two weeks but we will alternate between collecting the refuse and recycling bins. This means for example:

  • Week 1 – we collect the grey refuse bin
  • Week 2 – we collect the brown bin - paper and card bin
  • Week 3 – we collect the grey refuse bin
  • Week 4 – we collect the blue bin - glass, cans and plastic bin


Green waste collections will continue to take place every fortnight.


Some collection days may also change. That’s because we’re reviewing the collection rounds to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. The bins will have special information tags on telling you what goes in each bin. We’ll also deliver a brand new collection calendar to every home with full details of the service and collection days.  These will be sent out during February.


Find out more information on Selby DC website


Major historical exhibition - Selby Treasures

A major new Selby history exhibition is to open at Selby Abbey later this week, featuring a specially assembled collection of personal memories and historic objects from Selby people. 

The Selby Treasures exhibition is the final event in the Selby 950 programme, a series of events, exhibitions and projects celebrating 950 years since the Abbey was founded.

Created by curator Michala Pearson and artist Simon Grennan, this temporary museum of Selby shows treasures old and new, including Selby artefacts on loan from other regional museums and local archaeological finds.  Much of the content was gathered through pop up museum events in shops, libraries, workplaces and community group workshops, and the people who brought their objects and their stories are as much part of the exhibition as the objects themselves – with new drawings by Simon Grennan (pictured here).

Objects from last year’s special Selby 950 pop up museum events, their owners and their stories will be exhibited in Selby Abbey from 25 January to 9 February. 

Another element of the project will see the curators bring Selby artefacts that are currently held in regional museums and collections back to the town for the final exhibition. Participants and visitors to the exhibition will receive a special Selby Treasures brochure commemorating the project.

A timetable of free events and workshops will complement the exhibition and include sessions such as an Archaeological Talk, Show & Tells, Walk & Talks, Objects & Archives and a dedicated British Sign Language Walk & Talk session.

Lead executive member with responsibility for housing, health and culture, Cllr Chris Pearson, commented, “We’re looking forward to sharing the interesting artefacts that Selby folk have shared earlier in this project. There will be quirky and precious artefacts and memorabilia on show at Selby Abbey and we look forward to welcoming lots of visitors to this exhibition.”

Selby Treasures is FREE to attend and will be open every day, between 9am-4pm during the two weeks.

The project has been made possible thanks to money raised by National Lottery players as the National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded funding to Selby District Council to deliver a programme of arts and heritage events to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the founding of Selby Abbey.


The way recycling is collected in the Selby district is changing with a move to a new wheelie bin system.

Starting next week there will be a ten week delivery programme to enable 80,000 new bins to be delivered to 40,000 properties across the Selby district, before the new collections begin at the end of March/beginning of April. The new blue wheelie bin is for glass, cans and plastic and the new brown one is for paper and cardboard.

There is no change to the type of recycling collected by Selby District Council, just a change to the containers the recycling goes in. The new wheelie bins offer more room for residents to recycle more of their waste.

Collections will still take place every two weeks.  Some collection days might change due to a review of the collection rounds to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. An information pack and full collection calendar will be delivered to every home in the district.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Mark Crane explained, “The existing system of separate recycling boxes was introduced because at the time there were no nearby recycling sorting plants that we could take this material straight to.

“We carried out a detailed review of the service, which included a major consultation that more than 6,700 residents took part in. We want to make sure our service is in line with the Government’s long-term waste strategy – keeping paper and card separate to other recyclable material – which is why two new bins are needed. The new wheelie bin system will allow us to collect high quality material and will be easier for householders to use.

“Moving to wheelie bins will give nearly 50% more room to recycle and we hope that our residents will embrace the opportunity to boost their recycling.”

There are no changes to refuse and garden waste collections. More information about the new service is available here -


How much are you willing to pay for your POLICE & FIRE service?

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner wants to know how much you are willing to pay in your council tax for North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Have your say at


As the Commissioner launches her annual precept consultation, Julia has criticised the government over plans to cut the amount that can be raised for the fire service. The proposals from government will leave a c£200k hole in the budget of North Yorkshire’s fire service and gives fire a worse deal than most local councils in the county.

Although the government has not yet announced its proposals for the police, the service is likely to be in much better position, depending upon the final options put forward by Julia Mulligan.

A survey begins today (15 January) where Julia is asking taxpayers how much they are willing to spend and the conclusions will be taken into account when a proposal is put forward to the Police, Fire and Crime Panel next month. It will remain open until midnight on 28 January.

Start the survey at

Julia Mulligan said:

“I was hugely disappointed by the Government’s decision to limit my ability to support North Yorkshire’s Fire and Rescue Service. Given our challenging financial circumstances, it is an unwelcome blow given the hard work that has been done over the past year to balance our budget.

“I have made my views to ministers very clear on the matter, and I will continue to make the case for our fire and rescue service.

“Putting these concerns to one side, I need your views on what you’re willing to pay for local policing and fire services. This is something I have done every year since being elected and it is a vital part of the process of setting the precept. It’s quick and simple to do so I would encourage everyone to have their say.”

Have your say at


The Parish Council office will not be staffed from the afternoon of Weds 18 Dec and will re-open on Friday 3 January 2020. Any emails or phone messages will be responded to on our return.

In case of emergency only, please contact our Chairman, Brian Keen on 01757 249403 or email 

 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Free parking in Council car parks on Saturdays in Selby has been announced in the run up to Christmas.

The District Council's car parks will be free all day in Selby on Saturday 30 November, Saturday 7 December, Saturday 14 December, Saturday 21 December and Saturday 28 December. This supports local businesses at this busy time of year.

The Council’s Market Cross contact centre and the Civic Centre in Selby will be closed during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Face to face services at the Market Cross contact centre will close at 2.30pm on Tuesday 24 December, with the phone lines and non-essential services closing from 3pm the same day until Thursday 2 January. 

The Council will focus on providing emergency services for people who need them most between Christmas and New Year. The emergency service will continue to operate – this covers things like emergency housing repairs or homelessness support.  For emergency incidents only the number to call is 01653 600941.

Online services are unaffected and can be accessed 24 hours a day.  Make online payments and find out further information about our services here.

There are some changes to household waste and recycling collections. Bin tags detailing the collection dates have been delivered to households in the district. You can also check your collection date online

Collections due on Christmas Day (Wednesday) will be brought forward to Saturday 21 December. Collections due on Boxing Day (Thursday) will take place on Saturday 28 December. Collections due on New Year’s Day (Wednesday) will take place on Saturday 4 January.

Garden waste collections stop between Monday 16 December and Friday 10 January.


There has been a spate of anti-social behaviour in some areas of Riccall recently from a group of younger youths. These incidents should be reported to the Police to be the most effective in the Police taking action. Please report on 101 and also request an incident number. By using this method of reporting, the Police will be aware of how often and where the incidents are taking place and will be able to monitor the siutation more effectively.

Thank you for your help in the matter.




We would like to thank all of the residents who have responded invididually to this consultation and for copying in the PC.


NYCC have notified us that, in order for your comments on the above application to be registered, your postal address is required to be included with your response. the Planning Officer at NYCC has said that the senders of comments already received, will be contacted direct for their postal address. If you have sent comments without including your postal address, and you do not receive an email from NYCC, it would be worth re-sending your comments, including your address, to make sure your comments count.

The dead-line for comments to be submitted has been extended and comments will need to be in by Tuesday 22 October.

Thank you to all residents who have already commented and copied in the Parish Council, it is appreciated.


Thank you for your interest in this consultation. Further information wil lbe added to this website, when available.





Proposed new quarry to extract approximately 6 million tonnes of clay by 2053 and restoration of the site to agriculture and nature conservation with the importation of up to 2.67 million tonnes of inert materials together with the construction of new internal site access haul road, site compound, car park, site office, wheel washing facility, security fencing and gates and the construction of a temporary bridge crossing over the National Route 65 of the National Cycle Network and adjacent to and to the west and north of the current Escrick Quarry to the south west of Escrick, North Yorkshire, YO19 6ED.

To view the full application:

The planning documents are extensive, and residents might find the applicant's 'non-technical summary' as the best way to understand the application.

Riccall Parish Council will be submitting comments for this consultation, but residents may also submit individual responses. Adding your own comments will indicate the views of the community and although the PC represents our village, it only counts as one response.

UCI CYCLING EVENT 21 SEPT-road closure details

Image (56)


Image (57)



Several villagers with external mail-boxes have recently discovered multiple new credit cards in their post, none of which they have applied for. It would appear that envelopes bearing their names and addresses may have been taken from their mail-boxes and these used to apply for credit cards. An individual has been seen hanging round the village appearing to deliver flyers, usually at the time when the postman makes his delivery. This suggests that he may then try to remove any letters from the post-boxes which could include newly-issued credit cards.

The matter has been reported to the Police who, unfortunately, can do little without more information.

To safeguard your identity, please be vigilant and check your mail-box frequently and as soon as possible after the postman has been. If you can still use your normal letterbox, you could ask the postman to deliver your mail through your door. Alternately you could consider removing your external mail-box altogether.

The individual seen in the village has been described as black, tall, thin, clean-shaven, wearing jeans and a white cap and carrying a large bag appears to contain flyers.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously or have any concerns at all please ring the Police on 101 to report any incident.

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