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Superfast broadband coming to Riccall

superfast broadband

As confirmed by Nigel Adams MP, Superfast Broadband will soon be available in Riccall. The village is part of the Government project to deliver Superfast Broadband to rural communities. In order to make superfast broadband available, BT will install two new broadband cabinets with underground fibre cables connected back to the exchange. The cable and the arrival of new cabinets will be visible confirmation of progress.

Telephones will no longer be connected direct to the exchange, they too will be connected via new cabinets. In total there will be four new cabinets in Riccall - two each for telephones and broadband.

The superfast broadband service requires new connections to be made between the fibre cabinet and your telephone line and you will also need a new modem at home. All of this is included in an upgrade which you need to order from your internet service provider, most of whom are offering the new superfast service.

The project requires extensive work in the telephone exchange scheduled for completion early 2015. A completion date will be announced in October. You can check availability here.

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