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Possible new housing development in Riccall

building work

Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd are considering submitting an outline planning application to Selby District Council for residential development on land to the north of Riccall. Prior to making any formal application they are undertaking a pre-application Community Consultation to provide interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposals.

Residents will recieve an information leaflet about the proposals for up to 150 new houses on land to the rear of York Rd in Riccall.

In addition to the information leaflets and their website, they will be holding a Consultation event at the Regen Centre on Thursday 5th March between 3:30pm and 7pm where staff of Taylor Wimpey and their consultants will be available to discuss the proposals.  

Please see attachments below which detail the information leaflet and consultation.

The Parish Council recieved the information from Taylor Wimpey Ltd on Wednesday 25th February 2015 and is looking at the information for the first time (at the same time as residents). The Council will consider the plans, attend the consultation event and provide as much information as possible for residents as it becomes available, through our website and through future editions of the Riccall Beacon. In the meantime, we would encourage you to attend the consultation event, view the plans and express your views to Taylor Wimpey.

Click here to visit the Taylor Wimpey website about this development

Wind Turbine appeal at Riccall


Riccall is once again faced with the prospect of having a 250 ft turbine built next to the village. In May 2014 residents living close to the proposed site were celebrating when Selby District Council decided to refuse planning permission for the giant wind turbine. The turbine was refused because of the impact it would have on homes near the site and on the holiday bungalows at South Newlands farm.

 Nigel Adams MP said “Selby Council took the right decision, they considered the impact that the turbine would have and decided that it was not acceptable. The Parish Council are also to be commended for making a strong objection which mirrored the majority of local residents who were opposed to the development.” 

 The proposed Riccall turbine is less than two miles from the one that was refused planning permission at Wistow Lordship. That was also refused by Selby District council and that decision was also challenged by an Appeal. The Planning Inspector decided that the Wistow turbine was not acceptable because of the impact on the landscape. While Selby District is flat it is still a valued landscape.

 It is valued by people who live here in Riccall and by people who visit the area for their holidays and stay at South Newlands Farm in the small caravan park and three holiday bungalows. Riccall is an ideal location for visiting Yorkshire. People staying on the farm enjoy a holiday in the country, on a farm in a rural setting.

 Mrs Peggy Swann, owner of the bungalows is proud of the bungalows and said “We have people from all over the UK coming to stay because they like our open countryside with long distance views. It is quiet and people have space around them. We asked some of our customers what they thought about a turbine and 87% of them said the proposed wind turbine would make staying here less attractive. We have worked very hard to build this business. Over the years it has brought a lot of money into Riccall and Selby District. ”

 Cllr Ian Reynolds who accompanied Nigel Adams MP on the visit said “It was a pleasure to visit South Newlands Farm, to meet the owners and to see the way that the business has been built up from scratch. During the visit we met guests who had stayed there over New Year, having come down from Ayrshire in Scotland for a holiday treat. They showed us around their holiday bungalows but said that they were not happy that it might be spoilt by having a turbine too close.”

Nigel Adams MP said “This is exactly the sort of business that we want to encourage in Selby District. Our tourism business is on the up, it is nice to know that there is high quality accommodation available in the District. Getting the Tour de Yorkshire to come to Selby is just one step in encouraging more tourism. With places like South Newlands Farm for people to stay I am sure that Selby will become a popular destination. I will give the campaign to stop this turbine my full support because we stand to gain far greater benefit from encouraging more tourism than we do from discouraging tourists by building more wind turbines.”

In need of an affordable home?


In Spring 2015, all households in Riccall will recieve a survey to find out whether they have a need for a local affordable home. This survey will be undertaken by the Selby Rural Housing Enabler, in partnership with Riccall Parish Council, Selby District Council and the North Yorkshire Rural Housing Enabler Programme. We will be distributing these surveys inside the next edition of the Riccall Beacon.

The survey seeks to find out what the local need is for affordable homes in Riccall. Affordable homes include homes to rent from a housing association and also Low-Cost Home Ownership homes; a way for people who may not ordinarily be able to buy a property, to get a foot on the property ladder. Examples of Low-Cost Home Ownership includes Discount-for-sale properties, where the house is able to be bought and sold for a set discounted percentage of the market value, and Shared ownership, where a percentage of the property is bought and a discounted rent is paid on the remaining proportion.

Once the results of the survey are analysed, they will be made available in the public domain. If there is sufficient local demand for affordable homes in the area, we will be looking to encourage the development of a small housing scheme with priority for people with a local connection to Riccall.

Please look out for the survey in the next edition of the Riccall Beacon. For more information about the North Yorkshire Rural Housing Enabler Programme , click here and go to Rural Affordable Housing in North Yorkshire.

PLAN Selby response


Some of you may have been aware of the initial consultation inviting comments from residents and local councils before the middle of January. PLAN Selby will deliver the vision set out in the District Council's Core Strategy by setting out how and where sustainable growth is delivered across the district and the consultation document made suggestions about housing growth numbers for Riccall, which is classed as a 'Designated Service Village', meaning it is likely to experience more growth than other villages within Selby District that do not have the same infrastructure or access. The Parish Council has responded to the consultation - see attached file. 

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