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Defibrillator for Riccall


You may have heard or seen that we now have a De-Fib in the village. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank residents and friends who helped to raise the funds for us to be able to purchase the equipment.

 Raffles and tombola’s were held at the Carnival and Dickensian Fair to raise money. Ken Tomlinson, celebrating his 80th birthday, decided he would like his family and friends to donate money towards the de-fib and the Air Ambulance rather than receive presents. As a result of the party Ken and his wife Fay decided to present us with £800 for which we are truly grateful. None of the money was obtained by grants; it was the generosity of all of Ken's family and friends and the villager’s families and friends who took part in our events

 The De-fib is located outside Beechtree Doctors Surgery on Main Street and although we hope it does not have to be used, in the event First dial 999, it is important that the emergency services get you logged onto their system at the earliest opportunity, when you tell them your address/post code they will take care of everything from that moment. They will tell you location and access code to the cabinet to allow family/friend to access the De-fib. The ambulance control will take you through step by step as to what you need to do from then until the paramedics arrive. 20 residents of organisations and village groups were invited along to a training session, which the Ambulance service gave us free of charge, for those of you who did attend I think would agree it was a good presentation.

 The ambulance service stated it would be great if we had one on every other lamp-post, but it would be too costly – however we feel another one would be beneficial down in the vicinity of the Regen Centre as this is used heavily by footballers, tennis club, bowls and many other organisations that use the Regen. It has been suggested it is attached on the outside wall on the Regen Centre building. As a result of the demonstration/training, we received a cheque from Richard and Pauline White to kick-start the funds towards the second one. The Regen had a cafe at our recent Carnival selling teas and coffee and gave us the profits and most recently a Country & Western charity evening organised by Billy Bills gave us £200 from the raffle, with further money raised going to St Leonard's Hospice and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

 If you would like to help raise funds and help us to purchase the next one you can leave a donation in an envelope with the Regen Centre or drop it through the letterbox at Fuchsia Cottage, Kelfield Road – or support future events held in the village, or even hold an event yourselves.

 Finally to clarify, the De-fib at the surgery and the proposed one at the Regen are not owned by the Doctors, Council or the Regen – they belong to the residents of the village.

Transport survey


The Eastern Community Engagement Forum has put together a questionnaire aiming to get an in depth picture of the transport issues the residents face and to explore potential solutions.

To take part in the survey click here

The initial results from the questionnaire will be shared at the Eastern CEF public forum event on Wednesday 25th November from 6.30pm onwards at the Regen Centre, in Riccall.

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