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Whilst respecting the principals of free speech, Riccall Parish Council expect comments to be decent and inoffensive to others. Any material which the Parish Council considers offensive or defamatory will be removed immediately. This may include all of the comments being removed from certain news stories.

Riccall Parish Council - Festive holiday


Riccall Parish Council will be away from the office from 22nd December 2021 until 5th January 2022. 

Useful contact numbers are:

North Yorkshire County Council: 01609 780780

Selby District Council: 01757 705101 

For anti-social behaviour or other police matters please ring 101 or 999 depending on the level of urgency.

Happy Christmas and New Year.

Riccall Parish Council


Northern Powergrid Storm Arwen Compensation Update

We understand the strain Storm Arwen has placed on our customers at a difficult time and how important it is that we make compensation payments as swiftly as possible.
The amount of compensation each customer is entitled to is bespoke, depending on how long they were off supply. The information below explains these payments, the process for payment and what customers should do if they have any issues or concerns.
For anyone without power for more than 48 hours, the compensation payment will be £70 for the first 48 hours and £70 for every 12 hours beyond that. Although the Guaranteed Standards regulations by which Northern Powergrid is governed currently caps compensation at £700, we are voluntarily topping-up payments to those off supply for the longest, so customers will be compensated as if the cap did not apply.
We are processing the data that will allow us to pay compensation automatically where we already have all the information we need. We expect that to apply to a significant proportion of our customers affected by the storm. Those customers will not have to contact us. We will calculate the amount of compensation due and proactively send out a cheque.
For customers where we do not hold all the information we need, we will send them a letter inviting them to provide the required details. Customers will be able to do this via our secure website, by calling us or by returning the form we will provide.
We will provide a progress update next week when, if things go to plan, we expect to start making contact with customers through the processes described above. Further, we will let customers and your office know when we have written out to all the affected customers so that they may contact us if they have not heard from us by then.
Please advise constituents that we will not request any customer bank details through any of our contact channels. All payments will be made via cheque to mitigate the risk of fraud or breach of customer data.
Welfare support payments
We know that your constituents may also have incurred unexpected additional costs due to the power cut, and in addition to the compensation payments, we will provide financial assistance to any domestic customer who was still off supply on 29 November 2021 or later and who needed our help.
We will pay for the reasonable costs of alternative accommodation and food (up to £15 per person per meal). We will also contribute to other reasonably incurred costs; for example, where a customer arranges for their own back-up generator.
Next week, we will be providing more detail and new ways to claim for these welfare support payments, and we will send your office a notice with these details. In the meantime, please advise constituents who get in touch with your team to keep your receipts.
Further information
We will continue to update with new information over the coming days and weeks, and your team can reach us at, and can reach us directly at 105 to speak to us about individual cases, where appropriate.
Best wishes
Northern Powergrid

Riccall Park - costs incurred due to illegal encampment



A few residents have asked the Council about the costs to Riccall Parish Council (RPC) related to the illegal encampment in Riccall Park in June 2021.


Legal Costs

There was a legal process with associated costs but there were no costs incurred by RPC. Selby District Council (SDC) has agreed to pick up all these costs in this instance. This spreads the cost across Council Taxpayers in the Selby district.


Clean-Up Costs

Cost of contract cleaners including removal of waste                                   £9,825

Donation to cleaning costs received from SDC                                              £4,094


Net cost to RPC                                                                                               £5,731


Cost of Preventative Measures

Costs of measures to prevent future illegal access to the park are not direct costs of the incident in June. However, for information, RPC has spent:

£1,060 on concrete blocks (“Lego bricks”) strategically placed in the park.

£66.50 on two bags of crush and run stone as an initial block to park gate

£88.44 to replace lock and chain on park gate.


There will be further expenditure on security measures in the future.

Precept consultation

As your new Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and the City of York I have pledged to be a voice for our communities. I will ensure police and fire leaders are supported and challenged to be the best they can, and will stand up for where we live and the brave police officers, firefighters and police and fire staff and volunteers who work so hard to protect us every day.

One of my first duties will be to set the precepts for North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, something every Commissioner has to do every year.

This year, more than ever, it is really important that I hear from as many people as possible. It is never easy asking for more money, and I know that many individuals and families are facing financial pressures in this difficult climate. But so are our services and I want to make sure that our police and fire services are able to continue to invest in the safety of our communities for years to come.

My survey begins on Monday 13 December and is open until midnight on Thursday 13 January 2022.

The survey can be completed online at

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards

Zoë Metcalfe

Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and the City of York

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