Cllr Brian Keen

Councillor Profiles

Chairman - Cllr Brian Keen

Employed by York Hospital Foundation Trust as a Network Engineer, I have lived in the village since 1989 and have been on the Council from 2001.

Born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, I left London in 1985 and after 5 years in Cambridgeshire, moved to Yorkshire. Hobbies include tram & train modelling, gardening and fund-raising. I am a Member of the CEF Partnership Board and i am the Riccall Support leader for St. Leonard Hospice. I enjoy village life and especially issues surrounding the environment, recreation and conservation.

I am Chairman of the Carnival Committee and due to its success in 2002, we still hold this event annually during the last weekend of June. I also volunteer for Sustrans and I am Field Co-ordinator for Riccall Lands Charity. Reaching 60 and serving over 40 years in the telecommunication industry, I decided to take retirement in 2011 and intend to dedicate more of my time to the Council and to helping the village.

I am proud to be associated with Riccall and hope that I will be able to serve the community for the foreseeable future. I am fortunate to have good support from Karen, who after 26 years decided to make an honest man of me - and married me on my 60th birthday. I am proud and honoured to be part of a pro-active local authority such as Riccall Parish Council.


Edward Wilkinson Web

Vice Chairman - Cllr Edward Wilkinson

Originally from the North East, I moved down to Yorkshire when in my late teens. I have now lived in Riccall since 2000. I am married to Elizabeth, with 3 children, 5 grandsons and one granddaughter and I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them.

Employed as General Manager of a company based in Selby, I enjoy being a Councillor very much and am very keen to see the Parish Council continue on its way towards Quality Council status and beyond.

When relaxing, I like to play golf, go walking, practice photography and indulge in watercolour painting. I am a keen ‘caravaner’ and like to visit as many places, particularly those with historical connotations, as possible. I have the honour of being Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riccall Regen and I am eager to see the Centre become even more of a focal point of village life, encouraged by developing a more-encompassing range of events that all ages will support and attend.


Howard Adamson Web


Cllr Howard Adamson

I have been a Councillor since 1999 and am a former Chair and Vice Chair. I am currently a member of the Council's Administration and Finance Committee and Chair the Riccall Recreation Development Group, which has been responsible for the recent development of the Recreation Ground. I hold the position of Vice Chair of the Trustees of the Regen Centre and have been a Governor at both Riccall CP School and Barlby High School.

Some years ago, I was responsible for establishing the Riccall Branch of the Workers' Educational Association and the Riccall Community Archive. Born in Selby and educated at Read School, Drax (then the local grammar school), my working life has been spent in the Department of Trade and Industry in both London and Leeds. I have lived in Riccall with my wife, Lynne since 1988 and have two children, Dominic and Charlotte.

I have an interest in reading biographies, local history and geography and in most sports. I am a member of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, the MCC and am a season ticket holder at Selby Town AFC!


Keith Dawson Web


Cllr Keith Dawson

My wife and I have lived in Riccall since 1984, having previously lived in Leeds. We have two grown up children, both of whom attended Riccall CP School. I have al-ways enjoyed trying to help develop the talents and skills of the people with whom I have been associated, therefore when my children started at Riccall School, I thought I might be able to contribute to the local community in some way. I stood for the vacant position of Parent Governor and was duly elected. I served the school for eight years and really enjoyed the experience.

In 2002 I was co-opted on to Riccall Parish Council and I would like to think that I have been and still remain an active member. I was one of the two Council coordi-nators that helped the village to produce the Riccall Parish Plan. I was also a mem-ber of the Riccall Recreational Development Group until the completion of the recent Recreation Ground improvements.

I am currently serving on the Administration and Finance Committee and I am the Parish Council’s representative on the local Parish Council Forum group, run by Selby District Council. I am the Health and Safety coordinator and recently volun-teered to be the Footpaths Officer.

In my spare time I like to relax with my family, listen to music and eat out with friends.

I am a member of a local karate club and also an active member of Riccall Badminton Club. I enjoy various other sports both to participate in and as a spectator.


Ann Kilmartin Web

Cllr Ann Kilmartin

I have lived in Riccall since 1964 and have been married to Jim since the same year. I have one daughter and two granddaughters and run the Post Office at Naburn, which is a part time community office. My husband is very heavily involved in motor sport as a 'Motor Sport Association Scrutineer'. Basically this means that he and his team examine cars before they are allowed to compete in events. I spend a fair bit of time going to these events with him and helping with the administration. My other interests are my new dog, reading, tapestry and knitting. 


Cllr Duncan Rimmer 

I was born in a small village just outside Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire but have spent most of my life in Bradford.

I am a Painter & Decorator by trade and had my own business for five years, before joining the then Bradford City Police in November 1970. This then became the West Yorkshire Police on amalgamation in 1974.  I retired in August 1998 after serving my time in Bradford and Keighley.

I moved to Barlby along with my wife Carol and daughter Darcy in August 2000 just before the ‘Big Flood’. I became a member of Barlby & Osgodby Parish Council in 2002 and have been serving there for the past 13 yrs.

Carol and I moved to Riccall in July 2007 along with Carols mum who sadly is no longer with us. I have been Chairman of Riccall Village Neighbourhood Watch since 2012. I am very much looking forward to serving with this Council and helping to keep the village safe and secure for all its residents.

Cllr Steve Sharp

Cllr Steve Sharp

After growing up, living and starting my working career in West Yorkshire, my wife and I moved to Riccall in 1986. I moved to this area to work at Wistow Mine within the Selby Coalfield Complex. After 27 years as an electrician in the mining industry, with 10 years as a part-time member of the Mines Rescue Team, the Coalfield closed.

These days, I help my wife to run White Rose Villa bed and breakfast, work as a driving instructor based in Riccall and have a grown up son and daughter. I was co-opted onto the Council in January 2009 and so am a relative newcomer to the Council. After an initial settling in period, I am now beginning to take a more active role in Council projects. I am a member of both the new Village Design Statement team and the Emergency Planning focus group and I am looking forward to getting more involved with the development of Westfield. In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf with the village golf society, walking, going to pub quizzes and gardening. 

Rupert SJ Web

Cllr Rupert Somers-Joce

I am married with two young daughters and have lived in Riccall since 1991. I currently work in the insurance industry for a specialist company operating in the charity, education and care sectors. In addition to Parish Council commitments, I am involved in raising funds for Riccall School through 'Friends of Riccall School', & working with a Charitable Trust to restore Howsham Mill.

Cllr Mark Nuttall

 Cllr Mark Nuttall

I was born in Bradford and later moved to Mirfield, where I worked as a firefighter in Huddersfield. After getting married, I moved to Riccall and worked at Garforth and Gipton fire stations in Leeds. I retired from opertaional duties after 30 years and I now work as a fire safety inspector and trainer at the Fire Service headquarters.

I have always been involved in sports including swimming, Tae Kwando and trekking. I have been an active fund raiser for cancer research and children's charities over the years.

I feel very lucky and privileged to live in Riccall, a village with such a rich history, and have noticed many changes in the 22 years that I have lived here. I hope that I can be an active participant in the conservation of the village and secure its future for the next generations.

Cllr Bob Owens

Cllr Bob Owens

I was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire but moved to Leicestershire early in life. My first employment was with the Post Office (behind the counter) but I later joined Leicestershire Police and spent 21 years, serving the community before being retired, following a back injury.

I am married to Chris and we have two children, Alan and Anne and three grandchildren. Alan, who lives in Northallerton is a retired army musician and teaches at Barnard Castle School. Anne lives in Riccall and works as a teaching assistant on a voluntary basis at Riccall school. We moved to Riccall in 2003 to run The Greyhound and have enjoyed living in this wonderful, friendly village, so much so that when we left the pub in 2007, we decided to stay in Riccall. I enjoy watching sport, mainly rugby (both codes), snooker, darts and cricket, doing crosswords and listening to music (military, big band, choral). I used to sing in my church choir and in a small male voice choir. I am a member of Riccall Methodist Church.

I am involved with Riccall Snow Patrol and this year will be the lead co-ordinator for this group. I was honoured to be co-opted onto Riccall Parish Council in 2012 and will be endeavouring to put something back into the community.


Cllr Nick Morton

I moved to Riccall with my wife, Liz, and two small daughters in 1992. Our two daughters had an enjoyable and successful time at Riccall Primary School. Now, all these years on, they have left home to pursue careers and Liz and I are left with an empty nest. It was work that brought me to Yorkshire. I worked in the brewing industry for 33 years; the spell from 1992 to 2015 was spent at John Smith's Brewery in Tadcaster. I worked in brewing, packaging and quality roles and retired in 2015. My work kept me very busy but I now have the opportunity to put something back into this great community of ours.


I was delighted to be co-opted on to the Parish Council in 2018. I am the new member with a lot to learn but I am confident I will be able to make a positive contribution once I have learnt the ropes. I have also joined the Community Resilience Group and become a trustee at the Regen Centre. 


My interests are largely sporting and fortunately my wife shares this passion. We watch a lot of live cricket and rugby but we're game to watch virtually any sporting contest!