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Riccall is a village with both character and historical perspective. It lies south of York in northern England, above the flood plain, just east of the River Ouse.

The settlement was already well established when it saw the landing of the Norsemen in 1066, prior to their battles at Gate Fulford and Stamford Bridge

The Parish Council in Riccall is extremely active and works hard to promote the village and improve the quality of life for all residents.

It also works with numerous community groups on all aspects of village life and stays in contact with Selby District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Police about issues pertinent to Riccall.

If you feel that you have an issue to raise with the Parish Council or comments to make, please get in touch by email at clerk@riccallparishcouncil.org.uk or by phone 01757 249222.




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Riccall village PROW

North Yorkshire County Council - Public Rights of Way

Please see the link below to show the Public Rights of Way in North Yorkshire.  The zoom facility can be used to show Riccall in detail. 


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Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR)

Riccall Local Police Representative

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Speed limits, speeding, and road safety concerns | North Yorkshire County Council

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Parishes Notice of Election May 2022

Annual Report of Riccall Parish Council 2021/22

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