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Whilst respecting the principals of free speech, Riccall Parish Council expect comments to be decent and inoffensive to others. Any material which the Parish Council considers offensive or defamatory will be removed immediately. This may include all of the comments being removed from certain news stories.


The Council has decided to step in with its own fleet of vehicles to provide a temporary solution to the loss of two commercial bus services due to the closure of bus operator Utopia Coaches Ltd.


We will provide a temporary reduced level of service for the 42 route which serves Selby-Cawood-York and the 492/493 route which serves Sherburn to Knottingley.


Due to widespread local concern and a large number of enquiries regarding the loss of the two commercial services previously operated by the company, we have also agreed to investigate a longer term solution to the lack of services on the 42 and the 492/493 routes.


This will involve an assessment of passenger usage, the availability of alternative transport provision and the likely cost of providing an alternative service. As part of this work, the Council will issue tenders in the near future to seek prices on several possible options prior to confirming what action can be taken.


The temporary service will be in place from Monday 11 September 2017 and I have attached a copy of the timetables for your information.  This information will be available on the Council’s website in the near future:


In the meantime if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Public Transport Team

Tel: 01609 780780


See pdf document for details and timetable. 


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