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Whilst respecting the principals of free speech, Riccall Parish Council expect comments to be decent and inoffensive to others. Any material which the Parish Council considers offensive or defamatory will be removed immediately. This may include all of the comments being removed from certain news stories.

Act now to contact Selby Planners about the future for Riccall

Selby District Council is currently evaluating pieces of land throughout the district, that may be developed for housing, commercial and office use, retail, leisure, recreation and gypsy and traveller sites. The document (Site Allocations Development Plan) has details about pieces of land within and around Riccall that may be developed.To view details for Riccall, click here

Site Allocations Development Plan for Riccall

Selby District Council are inviting comments on the methodology within the document and on the potential sites that have been identified. 

Public meetings - drop in between 3.30pm and 7pm at the following venues:

Abbey Leisure, Selby     15th February

Sherburn Library      17th February

Tadcaster Leisure Centre      21st February

Riccall Parish Council would strongly encourage you to take part in this consultation. If you do not wish to see development as outlined within this document, now is the time to let Selby District Council know that! Please contact us at Riccall Parish Council, should you wish to discuss this. The consultation process is open until 21st March 2011.

The contact officer at Selby District Council is Andrew McMillan, Senior Development Policy Officer (Special Programmes).


Tel: 01757 292092

Fax: 01757 292090

Please copy Riccall PC in on your response - thank you.


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  1. Due to the nature of some of the comments, the Parish Council has removed the posts relating to the Selby DC Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD). There is a Public Meeting on February 18th at 7pm at Riccall Village Institute and residents will have an opportunity to express their views about the plan at this meeting. The SADPD deals with potential future housing,commercial and office use, retail, leisure, recreation and gypsy and traveller sites. The Parish Council would encourage residents to evaluate all of the proposals and their possible effect on Riccall. Thank you.

  2. I am against there being a traveller site in Riccall, as there has and still is so much development taking place in the village, the school and doctors can not cope with more residents.

  3. I have read the Selby DC SADPD and the issue of a traveller site seems to be a lot of fuss over nothing. Selby DC is committed to providing just one site of 10 pitches between now and 2016. The 2 possible sites identified in Riccall are just 2 out of 60 possible sites across the whole of the Selby area. So, we are very unlikely to get a traveller site.
    I believe a much bigger issue for Riccall, with far greater potential impact on local resources (such as the school) is the number of new houses being built, as detailed in the SADPD.

  4. We are against the travellers development in Riccall as there is much development taking place in this small village. how will the school and doctors cope with more residents.

  5. Re the proposed Traveller’s site in Riccall.

    Dictionary definition:-
    Village…...................a self contained district in a rural setting. ————————————————- definition of Riccall. — Self Contained ….... Complete. Having all that is needed.

    Expansion of any kind should be discouraged, especially plans that encroach on the village’s building boundary. I’m given to understand that the proposed Traveller’s site at the end of Northfield is in fact outside of the boundary . I do hope this isn’t the first of many projects that will fail to comply with the village’s guidelines.

    Before I came to live in Riccall I lived for forty years in the…. ‘village’ of Brayton. Those years saw Brayton change from a rural village into a suburb of Selby. It would be dreadful if Riccall followed the same path. Perhaps it will one day, through necessity. While there is choice , any scheme that increases the spread of the village should be resisted.

    The present proposal is of particular concern to the residents of Pinfold Close and the surrounding area. The majority of people who live in the Close chose this small, quiet, cul-de-sac road for their retirement years. The road skirts the plot that’s now up for consideration. Not in their wildest dreams did the residents, when purchasing their properties, contemplate the possibility of having a caravan site at the end of their garden. After all, Pinfold Close is on the fringe of the village. The site would cater to Travellers———i.e. people continually on the move. The idea of caravans / towing vehicles/ perhaps dogs and an occasional horse maneuvering Northfield Rd (the gateway to the site) is something else. The road isn’t wide enough to allow even two cars to pass side by side. Not only is Riccall complete and have ‘all that is needed’ but it has all that it’s possible to have too.
  6. What a load of fuss over nothing.

    People should be far more concerned by the amount of new, often estate-like, housing going up and spoiling the area than the very slim possibility of land being used as a traveller and Gypsy site.

    If development continues as it has been in recent years the village will end up as a town before too long.

  7. Rob, I don’t know who you are but well said! I agree with you. A lot of fuss over nothing. People are getting in a state abut something that will probably never happen. Whereas the new housing is happening now and people just don’t seem bothered. Riccall has grown at an amazing rate since I moved here nearly 20 years ago and any new housing needs to be controlled.

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