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SDC - Smoke and Bonfires

Smoke and bonfires:

Bonfires are often used to dispose of unwanted green waste, but they are a common cause of complaints to the Council. Bonfires can pose a risk to health and worsen air quality. It is an offence to cause a nuisance from a bonfire. Smoke from other appliances such as wood burning stoves, chimineas and fire pits can also cause a nuisance and pollution.


To avoid causing a smoke nuisance you can follow these simple steps:

Only burn dry materials – nothing green or fresh.

Never burn household waste or anything that contains paint, plastic or foam.

Never use oil, petrol or any ignition fluid to light a fire – it is unsafe and harmful to the environment.

Avoid lighting fires in unsuitable weather conditions – on damp, still days smoke can hang in the air, and on windy days smoke may blow across into neighbouring gardens and properties. 

Avoid burning and lighting fires near to residential properties.

Speak with your neighbours to let them know you are going to have a fire – most people are not aware they are causing a nuisance.

Avoid burning when your neighbours are enjoying their gardens, have washing out and windows open.

Burn later on in the day, such as dusk or on an evening where neighbours are less likely to be out enjoying the garden.

Never leave a fire unattended or leave it to smoulder.

If you are affected by a bonfire or burning, it is best to approach the person causing it and politely make them aware. Often people are not aware they are causing a nuisance and may be more considerate in the future. 


If this fails and the issue continues, you should contact the Council and notify us. It is an offence to emit smoke, fumes or gases which are a nuisance. However, if a fire is a one-off it may be difficult to prove a statutory nuisance. 


If the smoke is caused by an industrial or trade premises or burning trade waste creating dark smoke, it may be an offence under the Clean Air Act 1993. 


If you would like to make a complaint you can report it here.

Further information on bonfires, waste burning and suitable alternatives can be found here

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